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Carpe Diem, 2012

As is typical for the holiday season, many of my friends have been coupling up over the past month or so. I don’t know if its the sentimentality of family time, wanting someone to cozy up to in the winter season, or if eggnog is secretly an aphrodisiac. All I know is, when it came to the great moment of the 2012 ball drop, I was kicking off the year right… SINGLE.

Yes, I am defiantly single at a time when everyone else is kissing their loved ones. But just like all of my high school proms, I go stag. Because I got a kiss from each of my beloved friends, and was just as happy. New Year’s is always a time for reflection, and I am no exception.

I realized, I genuinely enjoy being single. Sure, I would love to find a special someone to cuddle up with on lazy Sundays. But my mama always taught me that you shouldn’t be in a relationship until you are happy and healthy on your own, and I see so many people doing just the opposite. They rush into relationships as a way to heal past hurts or current problems, and I just cannot imagine that. The few times I committed in a relationship were during particularly happy moments in my life– all the rest has been a work in progress.

Well, that is not so this New Year’s. I saw the turn of the calendar with a smile, a group of great friends, and a newly affirmed perspective: carpe diem, 2012. I’m gonna live it like the world actually IS going to end December 21!

It sounds trite, but cliches are truisms for a reason. Throughout the brightest and darkest moments of my life, carpe diem has pulled me through. When I needed the slightest glimmer of hope, it reminds me that fate is what you make of it, and no one can just serve you happiness. You have to grab it by the horns and refuse to let it go.

Thank god I’m a stubborn one.

So, while there is plenty of room for improvement, I still need to find a job to throw all of my potential into, I’ve reconfirmed my ban on drinking soda, and I definitely need to stop leaving my clean laundry on the floor… I am fortunate enough to have a roof over my head, great friends to laugh over a good beer with, and the knowledge that I genuinely like the person I’ve slowly grown into.

And with that, I’ll leave it with this:

Annual philosophy reminder: shuttup, I'm awesome


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