Keen Endorsement

FELLOW BLOGGER APPRECIATION: One of the coolest things about starting my own is getting to know others’ much better. There are some damn nifty people out there; I believe I have growing crushes on a select number of them now, too.

DC-centric Gurus

Prince of Petworth has been my neighborhood guru since moving to DC and the NW Quarter. I would be lost without him.

The Swagger Life, on the other hand, has been my PERSONAL guru since moving here, and I would not only be lost, but utterly distraught without him. Josef and his friend Lisa are launching a new show with RadioFreeCorcoran called Bitchin’. Check it out– and keep your tingling ears peeled for someone you may know soon!

DCistWe Love DC,  F-oxymoronDCsocialite

Greater Heroes

FamousDC: Beltway talking points, taking a ” humorous look at politics, sports, entertainment and the goings on in the capital that matter most to our audience”; absolutely my heroes

thirst DC: more of a social movement for DCists to get together, learn, party, and generally love on eachother’s nerdiness; I might possibly have an eensy bit of a brain-crush on its creator right now

Going Out Guide: [The Washington Post] for DC-area nightlife, events, and drinking; definitely a go-to for fun ideas and the like, written by people knowledgeable about what’s cool


Dance Party Chronicles is a collaborative effort to promote a shared love of dancing, disco, and all things epic in DC. When these friends started the idea, I immediately added it to my social list– and you should, too.

Cupid’s Library is a collaborative hub of “research, reviews, and raves on all online dating sites”– but seriously, check out their blog, because those boys are funny.

Meeting Girls On Metro is offensively funny in the coarsest way possible, and I’m suspiciously hooked. Brett’s brutally honest, no-holds-barred style is refreshing and enlightening, to say the least.

Fieldwork in StilettosSexy TypewriterConfessions of a Single BlondeChronic Dating ChroniclesSexologist Megan

Cool people and funny thoughts:

The Adventures of Transman: “Just another middle-aged guy raising a family… except I gave birth to mine.” Still my favorite. An in-transition parent sharing his experiences in family, work, and general society. Deeply profound and painfully funny.

Bringing You Beirut: “Adventures of an English Girl in Lebanon” Both her perspective and photography are beautiful, poignant, and never fail to kick-start my travel bug into high gear.

JM McDowell “An archeologist finds herself writing novels– and she’s getting used to it.” Sort of growing into a guidance role for me in my own novel-writing-aspirations, and damn grateful for her. [Also DC-based.]

Paltry Meanderings of a Taller Than Average WomanThe Problem with Young People Today Is…, White Whine


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