Upcoming Events (eep!)

The life of a budding socialite takes the refined organizational skills of a high-powered executive’s assistant (see, recruiters? I can balance a schedule!) So I’ll keep updating this with anything that strikes my fancy and you might enjoy, but especially things I plan on attending.


Jazz in the Garden: The National Art Gallery hosts a weekly concert in the Sculpture Garden every Friday from 5-8:30, and is a must-attend event for locals and visitors alike. Fingers crossed for good weather!

Screen on the Green: Every Monday of July and August, there’s a huge open-air theater set up on the National Mall. The movie schedule has yet to be announced, so more details to come.

Truckeroo: Monthly food truck festival held on Half and M St.s SE, by the stadium. Free admission, 11am-11pm, live music, games, and over 20  of our favorite local food trucks!


4th: Opening Day! It’s not going well– top of the 8th, and we are down 2-1 against the Braves. But to me, Opening Day is the official date ushering spring and summer in DC. Check out full schedule for the Washington Nationals, to get your fill of America’s past-time.

Now through the 12th: National Cherry Blossom Festival! I know I hate on the tourist infestation we get with massive national festivals, but there are still some great events and deals with the Cherry Blossom Festival. The events page is a bit confusing to navigate, so I have a few favorite programs.

11th: 1st Truckeroo! All food truck favs in one fun-loving location? [Fun-loving= “liquor-friendly”.]

12th: DC Beer Festival. HEYYO, only a month after my patron saint, and already time to again let my Irish Flag fly? Stellar. Went last year on the Sunday time offered, and loved it. It can get a little crowded, so come prepared in beer-drownable attire and a fun-loving mentality. You spill beer on me, I spill beer on you, and now we’re BFFs for life! $40 tickets on sale now.

through the 15th: Festival de la Francophonie. For all you Francophiles out there, this is a month of music, art, food, and more. Usually culminates in a great gala at one of the Smithsonians, but yet to find the details…

17th-27th: FilmFest DC. Hosted at a variety of locations, you have the opportunity to watch so many incredible new international films, I’m having trouble deciding where to fit in which film. Good luck with narrowing down your own decisions!


Entire Month: Passport DC. My favorites! All the Embassy tours are coming! More details to come, but this is DC’s way of traveling the world without leaving the District– Embassies offer food, drinks (and I mean DRINKS), music, and lots of cultural fun. Specifically May 3rd, the Tour Around the World. Shuttle bus from Embassy to Embassy, region to region. It’s a blast!

3-4th: National Harbor Food and Wine Fest. “A World Class, Water-front, Culinary Experience”. HELL. YES.

9th: Truckeroo Part Two!  Remember: fun-loving foodie friends= “liquor-friendly”.

12th: Washington Monument Re-Opening! I’m so excited! But is it weird that I’ll miss the scaffolding?…



3rd-5th: Phillies Games– heyyo, my homies are coming down to whoop some DC ass! Time to see this girl three sheets to the wind and beautifully belligerent. Definitely fun games to catch at the Nat’s Stadium.

7th: Capital Pride Parade! Don your favorite rainbow gear and strut yo stuff! Celebrating its 39th year, and is a reminder of all the love this city has to give. If you lose interest in my website for this event, you’re broken inside.

13th: Truckeroo the Third! Seriously, why haven’t you gone yet?

24-29th: THE DC JAZZ FESTIVAL. I’ve only made it to 2013 events, because I’m terribly lazy/broke/etc, but you MUST check this out. They are still working on final schedules. Prices vary. My hopeful schedule:

    • June 24: Brass-A-Holics at The Hamilton Live! I can’t get enough brass in my life, so I have to go. All Hamilton events so far here.
    • June 25th: Brubek Reimagined at 6th & I Synagogue. Oh my goodness: piano-lovers out there, this is not to be missed.

25-29th: Smithsonian Folklife Festival, part one. One of my favorite annual events. I always have a great time, see some incredible performances, and always– ALWAYS– eat bangin food. Please educate and enjoy yourself.


2-6th: Smithsonian Folklife Festival, part two. Still one of my favorite annual events. I always have a great time, see some incredible performances, and always– ALWAYS– eat bangin food. Please educate and enjoy yourself.

4th: of July? If you don’t know what I mean, you probably should relocate. DC might not be for you. But seriously: secure an invite to higher ground ASAP, because you want to see the city lit up at night. Last year, I was on a friend’s five-story tall roof in Columbia Heights, and it was an incredible experience. I’ve also experienced the National Mall for fireworks, and it’s a must-do at least once. More detail to come, as I survey the options.

10th-27: DC Fringe Festival. More details to come, as those silly artists get their shit together.

Bucket List #37: Get drunk around endangered animals.

11th: Truckeroo Quattro! No excuses.

12th: Brew at the Zoo! Lions and tigers and beers– oh my!

It’s exactly what it sounds like. An after-hours, 21+ event with over 40 microbreweries representing to support the conservation of our national animals. HELL YES. See you there, or you’re definitely square.

14th: Bastille Day. The birthday of yours truly AND the romantic, talented, passionate nation of France. Wait, was I describing a country or myself..? (Actually a super fun holiday to celebrate in our global city here.)


[I don’t plan this far ahead often….]

TBA date: DC Beer Week. One of the only solid events in August. Otherwise, please run for the cooler, breezy hills and GTFO of DC…

8th: Truckeroo 5.0. Seriously? Still haven’t?


12th: Truckeroo 6, Last of His Name. Better late than never.

TBA dates: Adams Morgan Day. I love all the neighborhood day fairs, but AdMo’s is still my favorite.


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