Notable Mentions

Hey, check it out! As the new kid on the block, I look up to a number of blogs and social innovators [find a more adoring list of them here], and sometimes THEY NOTICE ME. Yes, I’ve flashed back to grade school, and this starry-eyed freshman has made eye contact with the cool Seniors Table. Fingers crossed they ask me to sit with them during lunch some day!

Most Recent:

Apparently a bunch of Trekkies, up in arms over my Ex-Applebees Comrade, thought my addition to the gratuity conversation was worthwhile.

Past bumps:

The Washington Post: I made it to the top five stories to read in the BUZZ[gasp!]

FamousDC: manners made it to Hyper Hill’s top four links April 12th

DCbogs: compared Columbia Heights to the sinking of the Titanic— it’s not what it seems, and was an interesting read

Scout Mob: they agree this chivalry is notable

Cupid’s Library: Vic digs my dating vocabulary, and wrote me my first love letter

Blog Awards

I’m a winner!

Yes *insert sarcastic tone of voice here*… You know me, it’s how I do. But seriously, I’ve recently been endowed with two awards– that’s right, not one, but TWO, thankyouverymuch— and now I get to brag about it. For those of you goobers that are only ever on WordPress because I’ve harassed you [yes, Mom, you’re a lovely parent for caving], there have been a slew of e-mail-chain-esque “awards” going around the blogosphere like a funky confidence-boosting virus. They’re not a legitimate deal, but they made me smile… so until the day I get picked up by The Washington Post (HA! as if), this is what I have to run off of.

The first I’ll start with the one I most recently received, though it wasn’t the first.

Thanks to the wonderfully witty JM McDowell, my archeologically-inclined fellow novelist, I can now announce to the world that I can spell! HOORAY ME. My first grade teacher is going to be overwhelmed.

Oh wait, that’s not actually what the award is for… Evidently, it means “Awesome Blog Content”, not just Jackson Five’s catch-phrase. That’s…. actually touching. I’m getting warm fuzzies! So the rules are simple here: you thank the awarder [seriously, check out her blog; she’s become a go-to for moral support when I become irritated with the whole book-writing idea], and then use each letter of the alphabet to describe yourself.

Brilliant! I LOVE talking about me! It’s probably my third-favorite hobby; I’ll let you toy around with guessing the first two. [Winner gets a cookie! Or maybe just a blog award.] Obviously, my ‘M’ word isn’t going to be ‘modest’…

So me in a more literary nutshell:

absurd, brilliant!, compassionate, dynamic, eloquent, fierce, genuine, headstrong, innovative, jocular, kaleidoscopic, learned, mystifying, nurturing, overprotective, patient—HA, yea right– progressive, quirky, revolutionary, sarcastic, tricksy, unreserved, visionary, worldly [yea, I said it], xenophile [look it up!], YAY!, zesty

And now the best part: spreading this viral love with someone else! Without a doubt, “Awesome Blog Content” has to go to my number one favorite on here: Transman! He hands-down has the most profoundly funny blog I’ve read, chronicling his experiences raising a family while in transition. Read it: that is not a suggestion, but an order. F’reals. I adore it.

[I also recieved the 7×7 Award, details to follow.]


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